New possibilities in retirement, and the options available to you

The recent pension freedoms have opened up new possibilities in retirement, allowing more of today’s recent retirees to enjoy the sixty-something socialite lifestyle. Retirement can be one of the most liberating and exciting life stages, but to get the most freedom and enjoyment out of retirement, it is crucial for people to consider their finances and plan ahead.

Pension reforms provide a good opportunity
The pension reforms provide a good opportunity for people to really think about and evaluate their future finances, and the options available to them. New retirees are embracing their retirement with a whirlwind of socialising, activity and travel on a par with those in their twenties.

New research from Standard Life reveals that 94% of recently retired adults don’t feel like they fit the image of a stereotypical pensioner. Freedom (62%) and enjoyment (52%) are the most popular descriptions used by retirees to describe the first year of their retirement, so it’s no surprise that this generation are every bit as lively as people in their twenties.

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