Taking a long-term view to wealth creation

Stock markets can be unpredictable. They move frequently – and sometimes sharply – in both directions. It is important to take a long-term view (typically ten years or more) and remember your reasons for investing in the first place. We at Hutt Professional are able to offer you independent financial advice and help you look in a long- term view and how changes in stock markets could effect your investments and as well as your individual circumstances.  We can also then ensure that if anything did effect your investments that changes would be made as soon as posssible, but the correct changes to suit you to ensure there is no large lose in your investments.

Occasional downturns
Be prepared to view the occasional downturns simply as part of a long-term investment strategy, and stay focused on your goal. Historically, the longer you stay invested, the smaller the likelihood you will lose money and the greater the chance you will make money.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that past performance is not a guide to what might happen in the future, and the value of your investments can go down as well as up.

Time to grow
Give your money as much time as possible to grow – at least 10 years is best. You’ll also benefit from ‘compounding’, which is when the interest or income on your original capital begins to earn and grow too.

There will be times of market volatility. Market falls are a natural feature of stock market investing. During these times, it is possible that emotions overcome sound investment decisions – it is best to stay focused on your long-term goals.


If you wish to invest and want to seek independent financial advice to ensure you invest in the best way, we at Hutt Professional have financial advisers with many years of experience in offering independent investment advice who would be more than happy to help. If you are located in Leamington Spa or surrounding areas and wish to seek independent financial advice please do not hesitate to contact us.